08 March 2011

What “Is” Love?

Let me make sure I am clear about the question. Most of the time, when people answer the question "What Is Love?" they almost always give connotative feeling answers. Example, "Love is that feeling you get when you are embraced in the arms of your parents." or, "Love is that thing that can crush you when you get dumped." Ok, so I'm not very good at giving examples, if you want better ones, just Google the question and look at the myriad of answers that come back. Now if you actually happened to Google it and look around for a moment, see if you notice the trend that I am talking about. The answers all say how Love effects a person, not what Love itself "Is”"
It's funny, I never really thought much about it till a friend of mine discussed this topic with me, posing this same question. She couldn't quite put it in words yet but she had this feeling that there were not different types of Love, as some would suggest, but that there was one type of Love and that it only varied by strength or intensity. To explain the differences manifestation of Love, such as the difference between parent and child, and two lovers, were due more to natures of the relationships themselves.
Both she and I continued to ponder the matter for the next few days and independent of one another came to the same conclusions.

Love "Is" a condition of connection.

At it's raw, rudimentary, base, it is a literal connection between two people. I don't mean the superficial connection such as, "you like basketball, I like basketball, We're connected." I mean a connection that begins to break down all barriers, and begins to make two things more like one thing. It can be strong, or it can be weak. Nurturing it makes us feel better. Neglecting it, or intentionally trying to break or weaken it, can make us feel horrible. But in every relationship that has any chance of lasting, the connection is the constant.
I can keep going on and on. I'm not 100% sure if this train of thought is right or wrong. At best, the train of thought is still un-polished and messy. But it does introduce several new questions that never could have occurred before. I'll stop here and pick back up with some of those new questions another day.

05 March 2011

The difficulties of resurrecting an old blog.

I know that I haven't posted on this blog for over a year. I am sorry for that. I started up my Vlog on Youtube and kept it going for a while, but the effort it takes to produce a well polished and attractive Vlog was slightly more than I could handle. Add to that the fact that I am not so eloquent in person as I am in writing and the fact that I quickly ran out of topics to discuss on the Vlog and that added up to me slowly edging away from Youtube again. So here I am... Writing a Blog post again.
The difficulty with Bloging, for me at least, is that there is so many things I'd love to share, not just thoughts, but emotions, experience, personal connotations as it were. I'd love to have a community around me that I could both support and be supported by when I need such support. Yet, in the society in which I currently live, (Most of you know this but I moved to Utah) it seems as if everyone is absolution burying their faults so that no one can see them. It is like having a problem is not allowed around here. And I can see why. Any time anyone announces that they are going through hard times, everyone is completely willing and eager to "help" and "fix", but no one around here seems to understand the idea of commiserating, validating that yes, life is hard sometimes. And so I feel I must bury my own issues, experiences, emotions, revelations about my own needs etc. And I'm good at burying it, I bury those things so deep that no one without some serious determination can pry at them. But buried inside of me, they burn...
So, I hope to break down some of those walls here. I hope to carefully present the things I've learned and experienced in my daily life in an honest and unapologetic way. And I hope that I will be treated with the same respect as I treat others with.
Will you participate in the adventure that is my life?