29 May 2011

Back to life as usual

Life is never entirely usual for me. But a time of major transition has just passed. I have just moved from one apartment, two blocks down the street to another apartment. My last two apartments were for me much more a temporary transitional arrangement. I think that this one is going to be a little more permanent. I stayed in my last two apartments about six months and nine months, This one I could see being in for a few years as I continue on with my schooling. I love this house. It definitely needs some fixing up here and there, holes in the walls that need patching and painting, tiles that need some replacing. An extra coat of paint here and there. But all in all, it has this unspoken charm to it, a colorfulness, a motif, age, and lots of stairs up to my apartment. I have grown to love stairs, they make me happy.

I just feel much more at peace here, in this place, with my new roommates, It is a beneficial arrangement. If you have heard about the Meyers Briggs personality profiling test then you might be able to understand that it is relieving for me (an INFJ) to finally live with an ENTP roommate. He is by nature more adventurous, something which I have desperately searched for in my own life, and I am intuitive grounded and a good sounding board, which is something that he also needs and craves. And so we satisfy one another's needs quite well. That and our method of communication is just very functionally good. Even when we are at our worst in our own personal communications (which Ironically may be said to be our best) when words break down and we can't find the words we want, all of our nonverbal communication skills kick in and we manage to understand one another better than we usually understand other people.

As such, in this new area, I am trying to make some changes. For one thing, I am going to try to cut even deeper into my free time and direct it away from video games and more toward writing. Again, I kind of wish I had a role play that I could play for a little while to get me back into the swing of typing and thinking fast and story composition. My brain craves that free form of play. But I have to be incredibly careful with it because I know that I have in the past been easily sucked into the vortex of addiction when it comes to such things. Bah, conundrum....

Well that is life... Conundrums.

15 May 2011

Where the revolution goes from here

While the idea that the revolutionaries could turn into a large movement died out in my mind, I have come to use this little stage in my life as a stepping stone into my current personal philosophy. It is still currently centered around the two principles of differences and understanding. However I find that it is far more refined then when I first started.

Up until today I had several pithy sayings up on the walls of my bedroom that had mostly come from my pondering of the ideals of the revolutionaries. I had them arranged so that I would wake up in the morning to them. Of course this didn't work out so well as I wake up at 5:30 ish and had to get moving from the moment I popped out from under the covers, I didn't have much time to sit and read through the sayings in the morning. I took the opportunity to read through some of them today and surprisingly found that my personal philosophy has drifted substantially from some of those pithy statements. I still feel strongly about the core elements of the revolutionaries, about developing understanding of people and communications, and understanding and accepting differences. But there were sayings like, "Dream Big and Stick to those Dreams." However I am now fully willing to defend small and humble dreams. The saying was more easily refined in a new saying, "What ere thou dream, try it. If it be good and right, stick to it."

I am currently in the process of attempting to articulate the new and more refined form of this personal philosophy... We'll see how well this goes after this week.

And thus is my life

01 May 2011

Resurrecting the Revolutionaries

Against the Irony, and to drive away any remaining followers of this blog, I suppose I shall consciously turn away from the tried and true method of internet success, namely "stupidity", and instead talk about my idealism.

In the last post I mentioned my foray into YouTube land but I never really explained what I did there. If in the future someone reads this, progeny perhaps, and wishes to find those videos that I posted, I am sure you can search my old computers and I will leave a record of them there. For what their worth.

During my stay on YouTube, I started out incredibly Idealistic, I had seen what some of the other successful members of the community were bringing about and I felt that it was amazing and I had delusions of grandeur of doing the same. I had a cause that I was trying to promote, however my cause was admittedly a bit vague and shapeless. I called it the "Revolutionaries" movement.

Unlike Revolutions past, the Revolution that I wanted to bring about was one of the mind, rather than some sort of Governmental Revolution, or Educational Revolution. Granted, if a revolution of the mind occurred, then the Government and the Education System, the Economy and everything else would also change. But that is beside the point.

I never really got very far into my own idea because it kind of lost steam in the opposition, crushed by obscurity. But these are some of the basic tenets of the Revolution of the Mind that I wanted to see occur. I wanted people to understand the semantic problems that exist and realize how inarticulate our communication is. This involved lots of understanding of the concepts of connotations and how they influence everyone's lives. When these concepts were grasped then there is a natural road built to the fundamental understanding of the way in which we understand or learn new things. There is also another natural road built towards comprehending why there are so many disagreements in the world and what might be some of the methods that could be employed in overcoming or understanding the disagreements. Ultimately it is a basic model of how to understand the differences and similarities between people and their personal paradigms.

The second stage of the Revolution of the mind would come in the understanding of the differences in people and learning to cope with those differences and constructively utilize those differences to begin to build better systems. This involves a lot of self reflection and learning to understand one's own self and what your strengths, weaknesses, and preferences are. Then, instead of trying to destroy yourself to fit the mold that society tells you is right, you find out ways to work with yourself to make yourself work. There is a lovely term for this called Life Hacking. Look into it, you won't be disappointed. The trick though is not just learning to life hack yourself but learning to help others life hack themselves.

However, one can see in the realists point of view that this whole plan would not work because, the Masses prefer the stupid, enjoy trolling, only want to get ahead, don't cooperate, etc...

My life is mired in Irony.
Night all, See you next week.