15 May 2011

Where the revolution goes from here

While the idea that the revolutionaries could turn into a large movement died out in my mind, I have come to use this little stage in my life as a stepping stone into my current personal philosophy. It is still currently centered around the two principles of differences and understanding. However I find that it is far more refined then when I first started.

Up until today I had several pithy sayings up on the walls of my bedroom that had mostly come from my pondering of the ideals of the revolutionaries. I had them arranged so that I would wake up in the morning to them. Of course this didn't work out so well as I wake up at 5:30 ish and had to get moving from the moment I popped out from under the covers, I didn't have much time to sit and read through the sayings in the morning. I took the opportunity to read through some of them today and surprisingly found that my personal philosophy has drifted substantially from some of those pithy statements. I still feel strongly about the core elements of the revolutionaries, about developing understanding of people and communications, and understanding and accepting differences. But there were sayings like, "Dream Big and Stick to those Dreams." However I am now fully willing to defend small and humble dreams. The saying was more easily refined in a new saying, "What ere thou dream, try it. If it be good and right, stick to it."

I am currently in the process of attempting to articulate the new and more refined form of this personal philosophy... We'll see how well this goes after this week.

And thus is my life

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