23 April 2014

Improbable State Change...

I took my last final of the BYU winter semester 2014 yesterday. Freedom is sweet and terrifying. I have not graduated. I do not have a bachelors degree. I am changing colleges to hopefully pursue a different program. There is one catch, I am moving two states away from my current position to a town that is two hours travel away from my nearest relatives or friends (as far as I know). I have checked the MIT living wage calculator for the area and at minimum to support my wife and myself I need to be making about $13.15 an hour in order to survive. If we are planning on having kids (which we hope to do sometime), then the sum I need to make is closer to $16.30. And none of these figures are taking into account the student loans we will be paying back. We don't really have much in the way of savings and the move is planned for next month. This means I have to find a relatively well paying job or other forms of income, 2 states away in a very short time, in an area where I don't have a network previously setup. So I'm back to blogging again to document this crazy transition in my life.

So, what do the prospects look like? In this economy. Meh. There are very few jobs offering wages in the range I need, and the ones that do, require 2+ years repairing complex electronics, or working in the O.R. at a hospital, oh yeah, and a degree. I would much rather not extend the student loan debt we already have. Starting out your professional life tens of thousands of dollars in debt never seemed like a good idea to me. It is a pretty bad social program which pretty much equates to slavery.

Speaking of slavery. It occurred to my co-workers and I a few weeks ago that we seem to remember being taught in school that back in yon early days of the republic, a person could elect to go into indentured servitude for 7 years, at the end of which he would receive a piece of land on which to build a house. We compared this to today and the fact that in our society the average worker slaves away at their job and even then can barely pay off their mortgage and student loans in 30 years. hmmm..... 7 years, 30 years, 7 years, 30 years.... Am I the only one who sees a problem with this.

I guess I'll be back next time with hilarious job descriptions.

~The Floyd

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