14 June 2009

Don't look the gift horse in the mouth

I sat there trying not to think too hard or be judgemental about the whole situation. My coworker and I folded shirts to be put into inventory and I sat and listened to her talk about Bruce, they guy I was filling in for. The sad part about it was that I used to work here full time and had no problem doing so, Bruce came along later and when I left, eventually took over my possition. Arpana folded shirts and told me about how Bruce was missing work without explaination and about how he didn't always do what he was supposed to do.
I thought back to when I first came home and went to visit my old co-workers. Bruce had hopes that I would get my job back. "You can have my job" he said. As we sat there folding shirts I began to wonder if it was really happening. Were they actually considering letting Bruce go and giving me my old job back.
I came back the next day and as I was routinely doing my job, George came down and talked to me. He had asked previously a couple of times what my summer schedule looked like and he did so again, this time asking if I could work the following week and what I thought of working the rest of the summer. I told him I would think about it. Then as I continued to work, Dave, the one who worked most closely with Bruce came in and said "Well Steve, they let Bruce go." At first, I felt happy. I would have a job again, I wouldn't need to be trained much, I could once again consider getting a car, it is close enough to home that I could bike there.
Today in church I finally looked at my situation. I am now possibly working a full time job, and I am taking a calculus class and a Composition one class. The only day I get off is saturday, but that may be devoured by homework. Sunday I try to avoid homework.
What's more, I have classes scheduled at the same time as all the available institute classes, singles, family home evenings, and many other singles activities.
I realized all of this while sitting in church, I am not going to have a social life for the next month and a half.
I know they say don't look a gift horse in the mouth but this one has a few nasty teeth.

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  1. yeah, that does seem like you will have a full schedule. But it will be worth it in the end...at least I hope so.