04 April 2011

The deadly combination...

I think I have identified the two principle factors which have made my life so darn difficult.

Factor 1. I am an Introvert.
If you are still under the impression that all introverts are people who stay at home and live inside their room and are pale and play video games all the time, Then it is time for an update to your understanding of the terms Introversion and Extroversion, please Wikipedia that article now.

It is bad enough that I am an introvert living not only in the United States but currently in the State of Utah which scores higher in the Extrovert category then the rest of the national average. As a rule of thumb the United States of America generally prizes Extroverted behaviors and generally discourages or demeans Introvertism, as can be seen by the very negative cultural connotation mentioned above which you probably believed true till you were notified otherwise. The United States culture has been giving Introverts the short end of the stick for a long time by putting negative ideas about Introverts in popular culture and also paying more for the jobs that Extroverts would normally take and less and less for the jobs that Introverts would be more suited toward. Speaking of Jobs, this brings me to the second factor that makes my life difficult.

Factor 2. I am Dysgraphic.
Chances are, you have never even heard of Dysgraphia, Wikipedia it now. If you don't believe that this is a real disorder, then you might want to open your eyes a bit and watch people's handwriting. Just the other day I ran into someone and glanced down at some notes they were taking and I made the comment, "That looks a lot like my handwriting." He turns to me and says, "It is most definitely mine." but then he turns to me a moment later and asks, "Wait, you aren't by chance Disgraphic?" I answered in the affirmative. I had been diagnosed as Dysgraphic when I was in Junior High.

But why are these two particular factors the ones that make my life so hard? If you can't draw the line yet, let me illuminate the connection...

Most people who are predominantly Introverted generally lean towards professions of art or science as most of this work happens inside the mind and as such is generally more rewarding for an introvert. For me however, art is almost a complete dead end, Dysgraphia has robbed me of a portion of my fine motor skills which would be necessary for most art such as drawing, painting, any sort of musical instrument etc... such disciplines which are difficult for any normal person to master become increasingly difficult tenfold for an individual such as myself.

And science, while I am good at it... I find terribly boring... I have relatively no passion in it.

And so I am.
A difficult being.
Just trying to make it in this world.


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  1. I feel for you my man -Stephen

    I am sorry your having it so difficult. I am an introvert as well. I push myself to go out and about.