24 April 2011

The Irony behind it all...

I like independent films. If you like Independent films I would suggest that you check out Vodo.net as they have quite an eclectic collection of fascinating films. In particular, if you have the time, download and watch the film YouTubeLand. I had the pleasure over the weekend to watch this film, approx 101 minutes of assorted clips all collected from YouTube's grand library.
"But Floyd, Why do we care? And what does this have to do with Irony?"

Well, for starters, if you know me well, you know that for a time, I myself was a frequent uploader to a YouTube Channel. What was fascinating for me while watching YouTubeLand was the fact that I went through the exact same frustrations that every other YouTubber in the film experienced. The internal conflict with the concept of fame or popularity, wanting it yet not wanting it, none the less a fame that never came, the illusionary community that the internet is supposed to provide but yet fails to actually consummate, the frustrating reality that the average human occupying an IP address is not looking for enlightenment so much as they are looking for entertainment, and that this entertainment comes easiest when delivered through the medium of observing our own stupidity as a human race.

This tool, the internet, so long promised by every visionary that approaches it, to be some sort of medium for the sharing of wisdom, for the education and enlightenment of humankind, is used for barely more than a few giggles.

And here is the irony...
While I yet know that all of this is the fact of our existence. I can't help but want to write something inspiring... I want to point to a better way of thinking, I want to point to the exit sign that leads out of this silly theater wherein is preformed the daily drama, not of good vs evil, but of adolescent battle between mere opposing opinion. And I'd love to lead as many as would follow out the door under that exit sign. But every one grabs my arm and leg and shirt and says, "No... we are still enjoying the show..."

And so I continue to pull and try to get away from the persistent giggling...
my life is mired in irony.


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