06 August 2012

Busy life...

I really wasn't expecting to blog tonight. I was expecting to go clean up my old apartment. But when I got there, the power was finally disconnected. I guess when I was on the phone with the utilities people last week to tell them to not turn off the power while my wife was still in the house, they must have told me that I couldn't re-schedule the shut off till next week and in my panic mode I must have said something along the lines of, "Ok, That is Fine, Do it."

life comes back to bite me in the butt sometimes.

I have been rather stressed lately... I would outline my week, but it was too packed and I just don't have enough time to do it justice and it also contains some sensitive material... Suffice it to say. Monday car breaks down, go to work come home look for car. Tuesday, buy car go to work. Wednesday, wake up finish packing house, pick up U-Haul, drive to apartment, wait for carpet guy to get done, move in, barely get U-Haul back in time. Thursday, More moving... So stressed physically, I don't think I've taken a crap in three days... THREE DAYS!!! Friday, More moving, Wife begins to feel a bit under the weather. Saturday, More moving, grocery shopping, finding book shelves. (Every three days we are not out of the old apartment this month translates to $50 in rent now owed to the old apartment) Sunday, Go to church, find out our congregation's boundaries are changing, we are being put in an entirely new congregation (as in the congregation was not organized until yesterday) Today being the 6th, we now owe the old apartment $100.

In the upcoming week we have to finish cleaning the old apartment and get out, then we have to settle on which insurance to get and get all the rest of the legal work done on the car.

Anyway... My life is too busy at the moment to really consider much of anything philosophical. Though I would have loved to give my opinions on freedom of belief, my stance on Gay Marriage, and a hand full of other things. but right now everything else is crowding my thoughts.


  1. WOW...busy week. Sorry about the car and the apartment.

    1. life happens. we move on. Luckily this whole thing hasn't quite drained my savings... I just wish the second half of my tax return would finally get here.