17 August 2012


Just writing a short little something here that I realized today while talking with my wife in the parking lot of the mall. I've heard a lot of people say that If you don't vote in the elections then you shouldn't be allowed to complain about the country. But here is the thing, Voting is nothing more than voicing your opinion about any specific topic weather it be about health care, taxes or who you want your next president to be... So isn't not voting simply voicing your opinion that you feel none of the available options are viable? If yes, then not voting is another form of voting. The only thing I wish is that the option of not voting was given a little more sway. I propose that there be a law instated that says that if a certain percentage of people register to vote and then choose not to fill in any of the choices for their vote on any particular issue, then the election or whatever was being voted on gets thrown out and started over with more or new options. Because seriously, I cannot in good conscience vote for any of the presidential candidates that I am currently aware of.

This kind of law would certainly be revolutionary, You would have to register to vote even if you didn't plan on throwing your hat in with any candidate, and if you did plan on supporting a candidate you would definitely make sure to participate lest those who don't vote at all overthrow the election entirely. It would increase participation across the board and finally give people like me a voice. I could finally, in a legally powerful way, voice my frustrations with the socioeconomic system we as the American people have built.

Anyway, more on those frustrations to come. I'm open to conversation, if you want to hear about my specific frustrations in any area drop me a question in the comments. Unless someone seriously wants to hear about something else, I'll probably outline my frustrations with each of the three major candidates soon.



  1. I could very well see this improving the situation, but "not voting" shouldn't be a thing where you just sit at home. Those people have too much apathy to go do something. If this ends up happening, then they should just add a "none of the above" or similarly worded option onto the ballot. That way people still have to do their part and the information as to those who do not agree with any candidate/proposition/bill would be separated from those who just don't care.

    1. That makes more sense. I like that Idea. Thank you. I tried to encapsulate that idea with the fact that the people would have to at least register to vote. I would guess that most of the apathetic population doesn't even get that far. But your solution would make a lot more sense. Speaking of apathy though... There does seem to be a high population of apathetic people who don't vote period, looking at census data for the last several elections, there is a huge population that isn't registering and isn't voting. If the people aren't making enough of a say in how this country is being run, then who is really directing this country?