10 March 2009

Efficiency of the television

The Television is very good at it's purpose, to Draw attention so that it can secretly advertize stuff to you while you are not thinking about it.

So, Today I basically crashed. Today was the first day in which I just abandoned my aims of trying to get a job and sat down with my mom, who is taken a bit ill from the weather, and watched some of the movies I have missed over the past two years. I've been kind of apprehensive about doing so up to this point. I think it has something to do with the fact that I still have pressing matters on my mind so I don't feel I quite enjoyed them as much. Surprisingly Ive done quite a lot in the last few days of being home. I applied for college, and filled out my FAFSA form. I've almost completly filled up my MP3 player, and I am quick on my way to fixing up my bike to give me annother option for transportation. Sadly it became rather cold today and so the idea of biking without a proper jacket is a bit more frightening than I would like.

What I find is the biggest challange is trying to find time for all the essential things that you need in a day, Study of the scriptures, excersize, proper grooming ect... I am sure that if I could get a good routine down that I would be able to do all of this but so far I havent been able to make a routine. Every little whim gets in my way.

Well I guess I have something to work on, like all of us. Luckily tomorow I do have something to keep me occupied. There is a Job fair tomorow and I guess I will be attending.

Till tomorw.

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