29 March 2009

The usual bi-weekly update

Today was very productive. Hooray. I have gotten so many things done that I have been planning on getting done. Next week I am going to begin my job and get a laptop. Then with the wonderful tool of a computer at my disposal I shall Rule the world.. I mean.. uhh.. Rule my world. I will finally have the outlet that I need, somewhere I can put all my idle thoughts without fear of encroaching on someone else’s hard drive space. Someplace I can brainstorm all my worlds I am going to write into existence. Somewhere I can analyze and note the things about the real world and how to do my best with the time I am given in it.

Speaking of this world. There has been something on my mind. A theory about this world. Is it possible that the productivity of individual humans can stretch far enough to the point where there are numbers of people who can’t find a job simply because every thing imaginable has already been produced, and not only produced, but is being produced in ample quantities such that everyone could be supplied with the products, and produced in a quality that will not be matched by newcomers. It is difficult to articulate. But what I am trying to get across is that it is possible for the corporations to become Too efficient. Not only in the idea of Monopoly, but in not being willing or not needing sufficient manpower to support the population.

That being said, and in light of the current economic status of the world, are we in this type of a crisis, are we nearing this type of a state, if we are how do we undo the damages? Never the less. Humans are resourceful beings, we will figure out a solution.

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