15 March 2009

Like an open Book.

Most people don't like to be read like an open book. it is a human flaw. We all have little things in our lives, little dark secrets. For those of you who read the last book in the Harry Potter series, you might recall that even Dumbledore had some shady bits in his past. I won't go into the long detail of what particularily brought about this train of thought, I just tried to write it out and explain it to myself and I can't even understand it all.

Like I said though, it is a human flaw. Many of us just wont bare the shame of repentance, of letting out our flaws out for the whole world to see. Many of us won't put out an honest definition of our selves into the world. Many of us won't talk about our emotions. We are all afraid of getting hurt. But hurt is some of the best stuff that gets us to grow.

It is quite interesting to me then when you do run across someone who has that abilitiy to really comunicate exactly how they feel or why they feel it, especially on difficult subjects. It is quite interesting to run into people who can be an open book. I kind of wish that I could be an open book. To some people I have been able to be so. There was a particular missionary in my mission with whom I could share basically anything and he would not think critically of me nor publish my faults arround. The difficulty is being able to do so when there are those who will think critically of you and do whatever to spread rumors.

What makes a person an open book? The first thing that comes to mind is constancy. A person who is an open book will undoubtably not change his oppinion depending on who he is arround. He is ultimately, to use the Bible phrase, not a respecter of persons. Second, he will not restrain emotions but will be fully concious of them, not forcing them or making a show, but none the less, he will not deny the fact that he feels a certain way and to some extent bounded by wisdom, he will figuratively speaking wear his emotions on his sleve. Anyway, hopefully this topic will become a common theme that will be addressed later.

But that is all for now. Hopefully I can begin to form habits and a routine that I will enable me to do all the things that are needed. Till later



  1. Man...lots on ur mind it seems. Hope things get well.

  2. when do I ever have not much on my mind?