09 March 2009

First Monday Home

A two year mission for the church has to be one of the more rigorous tests of any individual. You go out every day in search of “The Elect” but first you must sift through all the buffeting persecutions of everyone else before you can find any one worthwhile to converse with. It is an experience that many do not have the privilege to enjoy because most don’t go on such a mission. Granted I do know of several people who have been on “Missions” for other churches, but most of the ones I’ve encountered only had a duration of a few weeks. In the same way that most people don’t voluntarily take themselves from home for two years to go on such an undertaking, most don’t have the interesting experience of coming back from wherever to their home town after the two year stretch and try to live again.

The journey back from mission life to regular life has so far proved very awkward. A lot of this is due to the fact that there are several things that haven’t changed, yet I have, and so the way I perceive things has also changed. I come home and find I left behind a bunch of childish projects of merely fleeting desire. I find in my packed boxes toys that now hold no interest to me. The way I interact with friends has changed, My desires matched up very nicely with the interests of my friends before those two years, but now my desires are a bit more skewed from theirs.

All the while, I am now starting to deal with how the world of technology has moved on without me. My Palm Pilot which I thoroughly used before my mission now seems to be unwieldy and slow. The power button doesn’t work, and no one is capable of fixing it. I now am on Face Book, which is a nightmare to me because of all the ridiculously useless features. These Features also keep asking me for my cell phone number which I don’t have. Yet everyone is on it and so it is still one of the easier mediums through which to find and contact everyone that I want to contact. And now I would like to start Blogging all my frustrations and Joys of this journey back to normal life. So Far, I still need to find employment and get enrolled in school. So I’m off for my adventure.

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