22 March 2009


To take any principle of truth and separate it from all other related principles is folly. If you try to make any principle of truth stand alone, it will crumble and combine with an admixture of the philosophies of the world and become wholly abominate.

(Example, See Government welfare)

I am already at a disadvantage trying to be a writer because I am a Man. Men, by the physical laws of the universe, do not understand Women. The reverse is not true, Women seem to have no problem understanding Men. I don't understand how to write characters in my book who are Female.

(Idle thoughts)

It takes more than some flashy powers to make a real hero. Some people have mistakenly confused the two and equated flashy powers to heroism.

(More Idle thoughts)

If you expect all people to act in a logical fashion all the time, or if you demand that every ones actions have some sort of logical backing, you are going to be confused at least half the time.

(in response to my little brothers confusion at some of the actions of others)

in this economy, you are going to have losses. You might as well make those losses mean something, and you can't let them mean anything if all you are doing is trying to cut them.

(in response to overhearing a few business owners discussing the matter of cutting losses and laying off possibly hundreds)

They did what with my Dads Tax money?


Video Games have lost their touch.

(I wont play them anymore without friends.)

there is no longer just introverted and extroverted, Society has now developed Public introversion and a private extroversion through technology. Notice how few people walk by one another without saying hello to each other but how many are perfectly fine with holding a conversation by phone with someone who isn't present.

(Observation from a restaurant booth)

Anywho.. I think I like these short pithy sayings. I don't feel like going into long intellectual explanations on obscure topics right now.

till later...

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